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TABLEWAR Tower Case Showcase

Posted by Todd @ TABLEWAR™ Sales on

    TABLEWAR™ Army Showcase Series:

    1. Orks

      Warboss Dugg kicks off our TABLEWAR™ Army Showcase with his "ringer" Ork list in the Red MkI Full-size Tower Diamond Case... with the cup-holders, of course.

    2. Necrons

      Marc's Necrons in a full-size tower!

    3. Imperial Knights, Cult Mechanicus, & Skitarii

      Del show's off the versatility of using one case for an ever changing army

    4. Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard)

    Todd pulls out his 6th edition Imperial Guard for paint judging at Adepticon


    1. Eldar

    Todd shows off his Eldar in a Blue MKIII Full-size Tower Case