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The F.A.T. Mat Testimonials

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“The F.A.T. mats have been absolutely awesome for our battle reports. They have allowed us to field a variety of terrain without having to build large bulky boards that end up taking up too much space. The quality is great. They look great, they’re durable, and they pack up small, which is awesome for our limited storage space filled with miniatures and terrain. I highly recommend these mats for your basement, gaming club, store, event, or anything else where you need a good looking board that packs up well.”

Mathew Glanfield



“F.A.T. Mats are the official gaming mats of Bell of Lost Souls. They bring our games to life, are durable and easy to store. We would never go back to a plain tabletop again.”

Larry Vela


BoLS Interactive LLC


"F.A.T. Mats are the only gaming mats I pull out anymore for games that I host here at Faeit 212. Durable, spill resistant, and they just look fantastic. I need to pick up a couple more.”

Gary (Natfka)

Faeit 212


“The Urban Zone F.A.T. Mat is the official gaming mat for Dropzone Commander.”

Hawk Wargames