Double-wide Bottom Base Unit-Tray


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Custom Unit tray for use within our patent pending Modular Display and Storage Tray System for use with hobby miniatures. 

  • This tray is designed to for customization for hobby miniatures; the tray is designed to work best with miniature hobby models with a small magnet attached.
  • As part of the Modular Display and Storage Tray System, this tray fits (along with two others same sized unit trays) into our TABLEWAR(TM) DESIGNS Display Boards.
  • The tray comes in four pieces (all fourparts included when ordered): a bottom piece, two plastic spacers, and a thin tin piece to place inside. Assembly required.
  • Dimensions for the assembled unit tray are 165.1mm x 280mm x 7mm
  • This Unit Tray is ideal for use with the TABLEWAR(TM) Diorama (Unit) Washers